My Sewing Room

Here are some pictures of my sewing room. When my daughter moved out I took over the smallest bedroom as mine. I worked on it over the months and tried to make it efficient and comfortable. It's hard to do in that small of a room!

The addition of the bookshelves has really helped, but even on the first day the storage it provides was stretched almost to the limit. That's hard to believe, considering my pitiful little stash.

After I got this room all set up and felt comfortable, Kelly moved back home and I had to move everything downstairs into the living room. Then KR moved out and back up the stairs I went into the bigger bedroom. I really didn't like that because it is at the front of the house and I felt like the neighbors were watching me quilt. I'm sure they had much better things to do with their time, but that's the way it felt. So, Kelly and I traded rooms and I moved yet again. I'm back into the room pictured here with very few changes. I added a small nightstand-type thing in the corner, near the machine, for thread, and when Luke moved his painting stuff into the room, we put a small desk in front of the bathroom door since Kelly won't let us use "her" bathroom. ;) Gee, I sure wish the room could stay looking like this all the time!

Looking in the door. Design "wall" on the left. (It's really the flannel back of a plastic tablecloth. :) )

Machines table to the left.

The "star", Inga. :)

The new shelves. They're not really leaning- I just didn't hold the camera straight. :)

Cutting table.

Looking toward the door.