Quilting Acronyms

I thought it might be fun and helpful to list some of the acronyms that are commonly used among quilters. Actually, most of them aren’t related to the actual act of making quilts but may alleviate some of the mystery of my blog and other pages for non-quilters. Here’s the list so far. I will add more as I think of them.

1. UFO – Unfinished object. A quilt that is in some stage of “becoming” that hasn’t been finished.
2. WIP – Work in Progress.
3. ITB – In the Beginning, a quilt shop in Seattle.
4. LQS – Local quilt shop
5. FQ- A quarter yard cut of fabric cut 18"X22" instead of 9"X44". More usable fabric that way.
6. BOM - Block of the month. Many shops and companies sell BOMs as a way to make a quilt a little at a time.
7. PIGs - Projects in grocery sacks. See UFO.
8. PP - Paper piecing.
9. RAQ - Random act of quiltiness. When someone surprises you anonymously with FQs or something quilt-related.
10. SEX - Stash enhancing eXperience.
11. SUI - Shopping under the influence. NOT alcohol, just being influenced by other quilters. :)
12. WOW - White on white fabric. A white fabric with a white design on it.
13. WOMBAT - This is a new one for me. It means Worthy of My Brains and Time. I like it. :)
14. SAQM - Short arm quilt machine