Several of my very first projects were either gifts or I can't find them since the cross-country move.
Below is a sampling of some of my more recent quilts and sewing projects.

An Easter banner.

Knitted dishcloths; two for Kelly and two for me. More to come!

Not a quilt but the outfits I made for Erin's twins. They will be on their way to Alabama tomorrow.

You can see the fabrics and the Madeira applique a little better in this one. :)

Biblical Blocks made for my Aunt Sharon. Each block has a name from a Bible character or story, including the appliqued border, which is The Rose of Sharon. Included with the quilt is a "map" naming each block and giving a scripture reference.

Quilt made for Kara.

The shower gift for baby Kara.

Family room wall quilt finally finished.

Our Thanksgiving mantle. :)

A clock for the sewing room. :)

Some embroidery done with the new machine and Anita Good designs.

For another Mississippi baby.

For the newest great-great-neice

A runner for the patio table

Cover embroidered and sewn for the machine. March 2008.

Cover embroidered and sewn for the serger. March 2008.

The bible cover for Aunt Sharon.

A quilt for another Mississippi baby.

Kelly's corset quilt.

The quilt made from Beary Merry Christmas flannel and Roxanne Carter's pattern.

Autumn quilt top.

Hopefully the only block I will ever hand piece!

Finally! A quilt on our bed. :)

This is a small wall quilt I made for my doctor, Phyllis Hollenbeck, to commemorate her book. It is 24" square and an original design.

This queen-sized quilt was completed on February 13, 2007 for Luke's brother and sister-in-law, Lance and Emily.

Pink and green Irish Chain. Completed 01/22/07

Detail of border quilting. Done with Fabric Mover

Cherries for Cherry for Luke's mom, Christmas 2006. We learned that black doesn't photograph well.

Snowy Trees for Luke's dad, Christmas 2006.

For Luke's grandmother, Christmas 2006.

Kool Kats for Joann. Joann picked out the fabrics and I did most of the work. She helped some when she was unemployed.

Coffee Break. Since Luke has become such a big coffee drinker, I made this for him.

Sisters, Oregon July 8, 2006

This is a Fons and Porter pattern for a backpack. I will use it at quilt shows and expos to carry home all my purchases. :) On the wall behind the backpack you can see my first wall quilt done in Ocean Springs, MS in 1988.

Peach rosebuds on a peach moire' background.

I love this little pillow! It's hard to see the celtic-looking designs on it because I did them in the same color as the background but it's really pretty "in person". :)

I made this for Luke's mom. There are some things I wish I had done differently but I didn't. Oh well.

WASIQ Swap block.

Caramel Latte. This thing is so big I had to have KR and Joann hold it over the railing at the top of the stairs and take the picture from down below!

Magna Chroma, finished, in Luke's cube

Technically this wall hanging is a quilt in that it contains a top, a backing and quilt batting. The quilting was actually done while embroidering but I'm sticking by my story; this is a quilt! I didn't get it smoothed out enough for the picture but it looks better than this. Really. :)

My latest obsession. (The "obsession" didn't last long. I only made one or two more after this.)

"Skagit Valley Tulips" (my name for it) is a wall hanging that I've wanted to do for years. I have given away almost everything I've ever made, quilts and other things, and wanted something just for me. Luke saw the picture in the book and didn't like it but I made it anyway. Once it was finished, he liked it because he said the fabrics I chose gave it some life that the solids they used in the book didn't give it.

Luke's "frog" quilt for his office. The pattern is from Linderella and is called "My Kingdom for a Toad". The picture just doesn't do justice to the fabrics, which are wild and bright in person.

One of the frogs closeup.

Luke's label.

The quilt hanging in Luke's cube.

The most recent baby quilt, Tatum's Garden. Apparently the second of a series using ITB's Garden Twist collection. ;)

The label. I really do have more imagination than that. I just thought since Vern's was "Vern's Garden" and this is about the same, it should have a similar name.

Baby Tatum. Born June 14; 6 pounds, 15 ounces.

Another jacket and bootie set for the newest baby. I didn't have time for the blanket stitching on this one.

The dress and hat that was Kelly's gift. Somehow I managed to restrain myself and didn't put the embroidery motif on either item. :)
I even made the card on my sewing machine.

This baby quilt was finished and mailed on April 1 for a friend in Mississippi's baby.

The label from Geneva's quilt, machine embroidered.

The jacket and booties made for Geneva.

This is a top that was made a few months ago.
I haven't even thought about trying to quilt it yet.
It is from Maywood Fabrics
It was a fairly easy quilt to piece but it came out pretty good, I think.

This quilt was made for my brother, Vern Williams, who died on August 24, 2004.

When he was diagnosed with liver cancer in June,
I started this lap quilt thinking it would be comforting in October, November.
The doctor didn't expect him to die so quickly
and we were not prepared for it.
It now resides on my family room sofa, and I often snuggle up in it when I am cold.
It makes me feel closer to my brother somehow,
even though I wasn't able to give it to him.
I named the quilt "Vern's Garden" as my brother loved taking care of his yard.
The pattern is from the July 2004 issue of The Quilter magazine,
and the fabrics are In the Beginning's Garden Twist collection. This was the first time I had used machine quilting, and I must have had beginners luck or something because it came off without a hitch.
The quilt measures 58" x 79"

This is the label from "Vern's Garden". It includes the symbol of the Eagles organization
because he was very involved in the Eagles until his death. It was done on the computer and printed on printable fabric.

This is the quilt I made for Luke's dad's office in Mississippi.
I finally finished it when we moved to Washington and I found my creativity again.
It is hand quilted. I forgot to measure it before I sent it.

The first top I ever pieced was a Lone Star, way back in the late 80s, early 90s. It was done with a cardboard template and scissors. Thank God for rotary cutters, mats, etc!
I never quilted it, so I am going to use it as practice for machine quilting.

This is my second big quilt, a Double Irish Chain. Here's a funny/embarrassing story...
I started this quilt in 1991 as a wedding present for Steve and Martha Williams.
It is machine pieced and hand quilted. Again, lack of supplies dictated color and such.
As I said, I started it in 1991.
Over the years I worked on it and put it away, worked on it, put it away, etc.
Shortly after I moved back to Washington State, I decided to get it out and look at it.
Imagine my shock to see that I had actually finished all the hand quilting,
and all it needed was a binding and label!
I didn't realize I had gotten that far on it.
I bound it and labeled it and (at their insistence) sent it to Steve and Martha.
They've been married for 14 years but they finally got my wedding present. :) It is a queen size quilt.

Here is the machine embroidered label for Steve and Martha's quilt.

I made this baby quilt for my nephew, Dillon Williams, in 1993
It is machine pieced and hand quilted
I didn't think to take a picture of it before I gave it to him so this is the only one I have. (This was my first baby quilt, done before I knew how important documentation is. I don't think it even has a label.)
Not that Dillon isn't absolutely adorable, but I wish I had taken a picture of just the quilt

This is a table runner I made from In the Beginning fabrics.
I bought the fabric as a momento of my first trip home to visit in '94.
Gee....travelling...another excuse to buy fabric! ;)