On Saturday mornings here in the Seattle area, the local PBS station shows all quilt and sewing shows for 4 1/2 hours. When I first started planning this page in my head I knew I had to have a song from Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel, written by her son, Paul Bonesteel, here because it is so meaningful to me. I wrote an email to Georgia asking permission and she gave it. The version that I hear on TV is this:
"Could you imagine a more clever object?
Warms the body, ignites the mind.
A child sleeps under mother's creation.
Together forever.
The art of the heart and design of the mind,
puts you to bed one day at a time....".

I love that song! Georgia sent me the original words to the song and you can read them here.
It's true that quilting is an art and an expression of love.

For me it's also a creative outlet. I love the magic of quilting! You take perfectly good fabric, cut it up into geometrical shapes or strips or squares and then sew it back together and it makes.... ART! It amazes me every time.

There's also another reason that song touches me; I have no money or property to leave my children. There is very little left from my family of sentimental value, as it has been distributed among my many cousins and me. I dream of leaving my children a quilt legacy, as that is all I have to give them - my time and love.

My biggest fear is that I won't live to be 150 and therefore I will not have time to
make all the quilts that are in my head and in my heart. :)

There are already a lot of pictures here, which makes it pretty graphic-intensive. Sorry. I'm going to figure out the thumbnail thing soon so it won't take so long to download the page.

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