Quilting links:
I have over 60 links saved in my Favorites/Quilt folder, but I have only posted a few for now.

One of the very best quilt shops in the country is Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire.
Their online catalog is wonderful!

Another great online shop is The Virginia Quilter

A local chain that sells Viking and other machines is Quality Sewing and Vacuum. Stop by and see Esther at the Alderwood store. She'll give you a good deal and she's as sweet and helpful as can be!

Beautiful heirloom sewing supplies can be found here at Martha Pullen's site.

I have ordered from Fabric Depot and the service is the best!
I made a trip to Portland, OR. recently and had the opportunity to visit them in person.
It was worth the three hour drive!

The Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters
(APNQ) has a wonderful quilt show biennially.
You can see pictures of the quilts at the shows here.
2004 was the first show we had been to.
That was my first experience at a quilt show with Luke.
He took much longer to look at the quilts than I did!

If you would like to find out more about machines like my Inga, go here.

Need to find a quilt shop in your area? This is also a great resource if you're travelling.

A fun page to visit is Popser's Playground.
Another indulgent husband and a good sport. :)

Some machine embroidery links:
Embroidery Library
Embroidery DK
Embroidery by Design This is a site from a fellow list member.
The list is a Yahoo list for Designer II owners