Hand-dyed Fabrics

I decided that I need a new page for just hand-dyes. I'm just a beginner but it's coming along, I'm learning a lot and hopefully will get better.

Luke says I need to put up a picture of me dyeing so here it is.

Here is my first attempt at hand dyeing. I'm pretty pleased with it. :)
The next one is my first attempt at a gradation or value run. I'm trying to accomplish two things simultaneously; achieving a mottled effect and getting subtle gradations of color. The two darkest are not much different in color so I need to figure out what I did wrong.
Here is my first color wheel. The colors are made with the three primary colors; red, blue and yellow. The book I have now, Dyeing to Quilt, suggests using fuschia, lemon yellow and sky blue so that's what these were done with. Actually, the fuschia is called "Fuschia Red" but it came out totally pink. Oh well. I have many problems with this attempt at a color wheel! First, there is too much white showing. There is a "happy medium" somewhere between squishing the fabric around too much and too little so that you get mottled and not tie-dyed. Too little and you get tie-dyed, too much and you get solid instead of mottled. It's tricky! I'm still working on it. Of course, you can't really see what I'm talking about because I tried to arrange the fabric to show to their best advantage; you'll just have to take my word for it. ;)
After posting these next two pictures on the Yahoo dyers list I belong to, I found out that it may not have been my fault that there are two colors showing up instead of one. Some dyes apparently "strike" first and then you get the tie-dyed look here. Another problem to overcome!