Hi, I'm Tani Dean and I'm obsessed with all things fiber! :)

This site started as a quilt page but as of October 2009 I have also added other fiber interests. I have recently started knitting and find it fascinating. That led me to spinning. I acquired a spinning wheel a few days ago and have started learning to spin. Next week I plan to try my hand at locker hooking, so as you can see, my scope of interest has widened considerably. I won't abandon my quilting; I have just added to my repetoire. As for quilting...

I became interested in quilting about the same time I became interested in family history. Unfortunately, it was my husband's family history, not mine. My first husband and I moved to Mississippi, where he was from, in 1986. I REALLY got to know my in-laws at that point. My father-in-law was a dear man and I appreciated his stories of his family's past. It may also have been because I was in my early 30s and had kids of my own, but that's the time I became interested in the past. Before, I didn't want anything to do with "old, antique-y things".

When I started seeing the romance of the past, I also discovered quilts. My first attempts were pretty bad, as I know now, because appropriate fabrics, supplies and instruction are hard to come by in Mississippi, so I had to teach myself. I bought many magazines and a few books and away I went!

My love of quilting was an on again, off again affair, and somewhere around the time of my first husband's death in early 1997, I lost my creativity and lost all interest in quilting or any other craft. I remarried in late 1999 to the sweetest, most indulgent guy. My husband, Luke, will go to any quilt shop or show with me, and never complain or hurry me. He is one of those rare guys who doesn't think "girl stuff" is beneath him. He finds something of interest no matter where he is.

Luke and I moved back to my native Seattle in 2003 and I found that a huge quilting community existed here. I also found my creativity again. The shops are unbelievable and the excitement surrounding quilting is contagious!

In July 2004, my wonderful husband decided I needed a new machine to make quilts with. He bought me my "tempermental Swede, Inga" - a Husqvarna Quilt Designer II. I also had some interest in machine embroidery, although I didn't know if I would use it much or not. Luke made sure I had the optional embroidery unit for my new machine. He's my biggest fan and supports my addiction 100%!

Below is a link to my quilt page with pictures of my quilts so far. There is also a link to my quilt blog, which is mostly for me to keep up with things.

My quilt 



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